Paradiso Clasico Cigar Review. Beirut, Lebanon.

Have a Cigar: Paradiso Clasico Robusto

Name: Paradiso Clasico Robusto

Country: Nicaragua

Shape: Parejo

Size: Robusto (5 1/2 inches x 50)

Strength: Medium to Full

Notes of coffee, dark chocolate, pepper, and bread. I lit this Paradiso cigar just to smoke something while I worked overtime. It was close to midnight, it had been a long day, and I needed to reward myself while working. I couldn’t wait anymore.

Work — an anaconda wrapped around me,
and I cannot withstand the constriction coil.
Work — labor,
God, I’m so tired,
and bored.

Oh, I need a cigar.

Economy — an invisible monster
that feeds off time,
men’s finite amount of time.

Labor —
it is the “productive” digestion of time.

Laborer — also someone whose fingertips peck the keyboard
for more than eight hours a day
for money.

Employee — one who unknowingly worships Ponos,
one who offers himself as a sacrifice
on the altar of business growth.

Salary — like digested food is shit,
digested time is money.

Capital — shit that multiplies itself.
It is like bad bacteria.

Money — “Eat shit and see you tomorrow, buddy.”

Oh, I need a cigar.

And, well, I am working on my laptop now.
Look at me working now.
It’s almost midnight, and every task
is another log in the flame of fury.

Oh, I need a cigar.

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