Lebanese Wines: Aurora Cabernet Franc 2018

Name: Aurora – Cabernet Franc 2018
Type: Red Wine
Grapes: Cabernet Franc
Year: 2018
Country: Lebanon
Region: North Lebanon


Date Consumed: February 22, 2023

A wine that tastes like boiled lust wrapped in satin.

Imagine a beautiful woman sitting cross-legged on dewy grass,
watching the night sky, letting the time pass.
Listen to her shy laughter
right after
she gives you the middle finger.

The wine fondles your tongue.

Something silky, ferric,
with hints of strawberry
like soft, bitten lips.

A kiss.
A false goodbye.
An image, a memory
that never took place.

February 4, 2023: People Try to Fix You

People try to fix you
as if you’re broken
or as if you have been doing things wrong
all your life.

They tell you, “You don’t understand.
Let me show you how it’s done.”
And you let them.
You stay calm and let them
teach you whatever it is they want to teach you.

People try to fix you
and expect you to be fixed the next time they see you.
But they don’t understand that they can never change you
because they are the ones who need to change.

They try to fix you
only because they are broken,
and you don’t have the courage or the time
to tell them that they are.

Western Armenian Poet Misak Medzarents

“Rejection” by Misak Metsarents

Misak Metsarents (1886-1908) was a Western Armenian neo-romantic poet. This is my translation of “Rejection” from Armenian to English. He wrote this one when he was 17 years old.


One kiss from you would have made me happy,
But you deprived me of that soft, beautiful gift.
You spat your merciless “No” at me indifferently,
And since that day, I’ve been suffering differently.

You deprived me of that soft, beautiful gift,
And you dipped in black the beam
Of my soft smile, sometimes burning, sometimes calm.
On that day, I became an unfortunate, miserable person.

You spat your merciless “No” at me indifferently.
That sharp-edged “No” made my heart bleed.
That cold bludgeon of rejection
Wrapped my soul in black.

Since that day, I’ve been suffering differently.
The suffering destroyed and ruined my heart.
Since that day when I drank from that cup of poison,
My heart has been bleeding without stop.