My Father La Gran Oferta Toro

Have a Cigar: My Father La Gran Oferta Toro

Name: My Father La Gran Oferta Toro

Country: Nicaragua

Shape: Parejo

Size: Toro (6 inches x 50)

Strength: Medium to Full

A cigar with a nice complexity that comes with a harmony of notes, including wood, cayenne, earth, and coffee. It was nicely paired with Johnnie Walker Black Label.

Branding: Good. Nothing too impressive to talk about except the name. It has a “Godfather” feel, which I like.

Construction: Good.

Pre-light: Promising and sexy.

Cut: Straight cut, no problems.

Burn: Mostly even. I didn’t have major problems. Fixed it a couple of times.

Duration: 60 minutes.

Draw: Great.

Smoke: Generous.

Ash: Good.

Flavor: Notes of wood, medium-roast coffee, earth, cayenne.

Bellas Artes Maduro Toro at Mareva Club.

Have a Cigar: Bellas Artes Maduro Toro

Name: Bellas Artes Maduro Toro

Country: Nicaragua

Shape: Box-Pressed

Size: Toro (6 inches x 54)

Strength: Medium to Full

With my wife and friends, having drinks and smoking cigars in a lounge on a Saturday evening.

My first cigar was done, and I was ready to light a second one. I walked in the humidor and spent a good ten minutes there. I had no idea what I wanted other than I felt like smoking something new. I looked around. One of the shop owners was there trying to help me by showing me the new arrivals, but I wasn’t in the mood to try something too new or too fancy. Then I spotted the Bellas Artes Maduro Toro and picked it up.

“This looks good. A brand by A.J. Fernandez? Never tried it. I’ll give it a try now.”

Branding: Shiny and classy. Impressive name.

Construction: No weak spots. Very well done.

Pre-light: I got notes of sugar cane, Arabic coffee, and vanilla.

Cut: Straight cut.

Burn: Even throughout. Never went off.

Duration: 90 minutes.

Draw: Good, but a little firm.

Smoke: Good, but it wasn’t generous until the second half.

Ash: Beautiful.

Flavor: Notes of earth, sugar cane, light roast coffee, and black pepper.

Varadero Cigar paired with French Press Coffee at Lina's, Mtayleb

Have a Cigar: Varadero Robusto

Name: Varadero Robusto

Country: Honduras

Shape: Parejo

Size: Robusto

Strength: Medium

I couldn’t find much about this cigar online. All I know is that it’s a cigar by Leonardo S.A.R.L called Varadero.

Branding: Mediocre. There was nothing impressive about it and no story behind it. And there was nothing I could find online. A good cigar brand must have a good story.

Construction: Good.

Pre-light: Earthy. Woody.

Cut: Straight.

Burn: Burns slowly and evenly. I didn’t have any problems.

Duration: It’s a relatively short cigar, but it lasted for about an hour.

Draw: Firm draw.

Smoke: Okay.

Ash: Good.

Flavor: Hints of leather, earth, hazelnut, wood, and oak.