Caldwell Eastern Standard The Cypress Room at Mareva, Lebanon

Have a Cigar: Caldwell Eastern Standard The Cypress Room

Name: Caldwell Eastern Standard The Cypress Room

Country: Dominican Republic

Shape: Parejo

Size: Toro (6 inches x 54)

Strength: Medium

This is the third Caldwell cigar that I try. But it’s the first time I try an Eastern Standard stick. Going with a Scotch seemed like a good choice, so I had a couple of glasses of Johnnie Walker Black Label with it. And, every now and then, I took a sip of sparkling water to reset my palate.

Branding: I like how Caldwell uses faces on their cigar bands. It gives them a nice touch. I’m not a big fan of faces myself, but I like that they have a style.

Construction: Good. I usually prefer my cigars to be rolled a little firmer.

Pre-light: Fresh. Barnyard.

Cut: Straight.

Burn: Mostly even.

Duration: It’s a big cigar, but it burns fast. I was done in less than 60 minutes.

Draw: Good. Not too loose, but a little loose.

Smoke: It produced a decent amount of smoke.

Ash: Good.

Flavor: Nutty notes. Hints of oak, wood, light roast coffee.

LFD Cameroon Cabinet paired with Monkey Shoulder whisky.

Have a Cigar: La Flor Dominicana Cameroon Cabinet Chisel

Name: La Flor Dominicana Cameroon Cabinet Chisel

Country: Dominican Republic

Shape: Chisel

Size: 6 inches x 54

Strength: Full

Trying another LFD. This Cameroon Cabinet was paired with Monkey Shoulder whisky. Overall, it was a nice smoking experience. However, my taste buds prefer cigars like LFD’s Air Bender or the Double Ligero.

Branding: It evoked images of a safari-type adventure. I imagined leather boots, cowboy hats, et cetera.

Construction: Good.

Pre-light: Promising an adventure.

Cut: Straight cut. I can’t imagine cutting a chisel-shaped cigar differently.

Burn: Mostly even. Had to use the lighter a couple of times to tame the burn.

Duration: 75 minutes.

Draw: Good. No problems.

Smoke: Good.

Ash: Good.

Flavor: Notes of wood, pink peppercorn, hay.

An LFD Double Ligero while reading a good book.

Have a Cigar: La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Maduro 660

Name: La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Maduro 660

Country: Dominican Republic

Shape: Parejo

Size: 4 5/8 inches x 60

Strength: Full

When it comes to LFD’s Double Ligero, my favorite is the Chisel Maduro, but the 660 is also good.

I smoked it with a glass of Havana Club Barrel Proof and enjoyed it while reading a book. The book I’m reading this week is one by Daniel Susskind called A World Without Work. It pairs well with bull-bodied cigars. It talks about artificial intelligence and automation, how they are and will be replacing humans at work, and how we should respond. An important book to read in 2023.

Branding: My eyes are used to the LFD bands by now. I smoked so many of their cigars that I’ve become very familiar with them.

Construction: The Double Ligero Maduro 660 is a well-constructed cigars. It is firm and has no weak spots.

Pre-light: Tongue detects sweetness that reminds me of Lebanese simple syrup (ater).

Cut: As almost always, I give my parejo a straight cut. No issues there at all.

Burn: Even burn all the way.

Duration: A good 90 minutes. But if I weren’t reading a book and only there for a cigar, I could have finished it in 60 minutes or so.

Draw: Good.

Smoke: I get a more beautiful smoke smoking the Chisel Maduro mentioned above, but the 660’s smoke is alright, too.

Ash: Nothing to complain about here.

Flavor: Strong. Notes of leather, licorice, chocolate milk, molasses, pepper.