La Aroma Del Caribe Pasión Encanto

Have a Cigar: La Aroma Del Caribe Pasión Encanto

Name: La Aroma Del Caribe Pasión Encanto

Country: Nicaragua

Shape: Parejo

Size: Double Toro / Gordo (6 inches x 60)

Strength: Medium

Cayenne and black pepper from the get-go. I thought there was something wrong with it or with the lighter, but it all ended up alright. It was an enjoyable smoke. It burned evenly even though it was a windy evening in Byblos. Excellent draw.

Overall, the Pasión Encanto is a well-constructed and flavorsome cigar that is big enough to keep you company for a long time. I’d smoke it again.

El Septimo Van Gogh diadema cigar.

Have a Cigar: El Septimo Sacred Arts Van Gogh

Name: El Septimo Sacred Arts Van Gogh

Country: Costa Rica

Shape: Diadema

Size: 9 inches x 55

Strength: Medium

A great cigar from a great cigar brand. This is a stick that will keep you company for a good two or more hours. The El Septimo Sacred Arts Van Gogh is a celebration cigar and nothing short of a masterpiece.

But like all masterpieces, it came with some imperfections.

The draw was alright. But if it were a tiny bit looser, it would have been perfect. I like to blow out thick, creamy smoke, and a firm draw doesn’t allow me to do that.

The Van Gogh burned slowly and beautifully, although sometimes unevenly. But it was nothing that a little fire couldn’t fix. I had to adjust the line only a couple of times: once before reaching the end of the first third, and a second time before the beginning of the last third.

Other than that, the overall experience was excellent.

La Aroma Del Caribe El Jefe Cigar at Fidel Cigar lounge in Antelias, Lebanon.

Have a Cigar: La Aroma Del Caribe Base Line El Jefe

Name: La Aroma Del Caribe Base Line El Jefe

Country: Nicaragua

Size: (7 inches x 58)

Strength: Medium to Full

A big cigar for a big night. My wife and I had friends visiting Lebanon, so we met at one of our favorite lounges. I wanted to smoke something that would last me close to a couple of hours, and that’s how I picked El Jefe.

I paired it with a glass of Havana Club Cuban Barrel Proof, and then I switched to a nice Gin and tonic.

El Jefe burned evenly and produced a lot of smoke. Strength-wise, it was somewhere between medium and full. I loved its aroma, and I could taste a harmony of notes, including medium-roast coffee, cedar, leather, earth, caramel, and walnut.

Will I ever light one of these up again? I guess I will.