Partagas Super Partagas Cigar Review

Have a Cigar: Partagas Super Partagas

Name: Partagas Super Partagas

Country: Cuba

Shape: Parejo

Size: Corona (5 1/2 inches x 40)

Strength: Medium

The Super Partagas is one of those cigars you pull out when you suddenly discover that you have an hour for yourself in the middle of a busy day. It can also be the cigar that keeps you company while you run your errands and do your chores. Personally, I like to light one up when I’m working on the terrace or when I’m out on a long walk.

This medium-bodied cigar is ideal if you know your hands will be busy handling tools or carrying things. And because it’s a 40 ring gauge cigar, you can naturally keep it between your teeth for a longer period of time than you would a robusto or a gordo. You can be smoking Partagas while working on your laptop, cleaning your grill, cooking dinner, reading a book, or even while drilling holes in a wall…

With hints of chocolate milk, summer flowers, and cedar, the Super Partagas goes well with coffee in the morning and gin in the afternoon. There’s a sweet creaminess to it, especially when you retrohale or blow out the smoke slowly — like you should.

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