Flor de Oliva Toro paired with whisky and rum

Have a Cigar: Flor de Oliva Original Toro

Name: Flor de Oliva Original Toro

Country: Nicaragua

Shape: Parejo

Size: (6 inches x 50)

Strength: Medium

The doorbell rings.
You let the old friend in.

“Come in, come in!
Where have you been?
Come in, old friend,
and have a cigar.”

He comes with a gift
— a bottle of Scotch.
“Thank you!
You didn’t have to!
I’ll open it now!”

You bring him the humidor.
“Here,” you say,
“Choose one that you love.”
“You have good taste,” he says,
“Please, choose one for me.”

You light one up,
and he lights one up.
You pour the Scotch,
and then you pour some rum.

and women.

You drink, you smoke, you talk,
you talk
until the night ends.

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