Quorum Classic Corona on the Balcony

Have a Cigar: Quorum Classic Corona

Name: Quorum Classic Corona

Country: Nicaragua

Shape: Parejo

Size: (5 1/2 inches x 43)

Strength: Mild to Medium

I’ve tried budget cigars, premium cigars, and luxury cigars. And I’ve smoked cigars made in Cuba, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. I’ve probably also smoked cigars made in countries I can’t remember right now. But no matter how many cigars I try, I will never forget my love for Quorum. It’s one of the first cigars I fell in love with, and that’s why it will always have a special place in my heart.

These days, I don’t smoke a lot of them anymore. Every now and then, however, when I get the chance to light one up, I do.

To me, smoking a Quorum Classic is like hanging out with a childhood friend.

It’s a good cigar.

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