Smoking an Oliva Serie V Figurado at Beit al Qamar in Chouf, Lebanon.

Have a Cigar: Oliva Serie V Special Figurado

Name: Oliva Serie V Special Figurado

Country: Nicaragua

Shape: Figurado

Size: (6 inches x 60)

Strength: Medium to Full

Oliva Serie V cigars never fail me.

Though the Double Toro is my go-to vitola, I’m not afraid to try a new vitola occasionally. So, this time, I tried the Special Figurado, which is also 6 inches and has a ring gauge of 60.

The only difference between the Double Toro and the Special Figurado is that the latter has a firmer draw, which means a little less smoke than usual and a little more work. Other than that, the experience I got was very similar to what I’m used to when I’m smoking Oliva Serie V cigars.

Great cigar. Great burn. Great smoke.

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