Chess Diary #0002: Becoming Worse at Bullet Chess

I don’t like the fact that my bullet rating has been dropping. My highest bullet rating was 1713, and that was on February 2, 2020 — more than two years ago. In the last 90 days, the best I got to was 1570. And today, my rating is 1352.

Does that mean I’m a much worse chess player than I was two years ago? I sure hope not. I know much more about chess today than I knew two years ago, but my rating doesn’t reflect that.

What’s happening?

Chess is the only game where the more you play, the worse you become.

One of the main reasons my bullet rating is dropping could be that I haven’t been playing longer time controls. Another reason could be that I haven’t been solving puzzles, practicing endgames, or trying to improve in tactics. A third reason could be that I no longer have an opening repertoire. Whether I have the white pieces or the black pieces, my first move is always played on a whim.

It’s really bothering me that I’m becoming worse at chess, but what can I do?

I need more time.

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