Smoking a Camacho Connecticut in Lebanon

Have a Cigar: Camacho Connecticut Robusto

Name: Camacho Connecticut Robusto

Country: Honduras

Shape: Parejo

Size: Robusto (5 inches x 50)

Strength: Mild

Notes: Light notes of cedar, cayenne, cinnamon, earth, chestnut

Not my favorite Camacho but definitely a good treat.

The Camacho Connecticut Robusto is a mild cigar made to be smoked casually or while doing chores.

It is not a cigar I’d take to the bar or restaurant with me, and it’s definitely not a cigar I’d light up at a wedding or a funeral. I’d smoke it on the beach, or when I’m driving, or when I’m starting the grill… That’s the type of cigar the Camacho Connecticut is.

Note: Drinks like strong espressos or stout beers may eclipse the light flavors of this cigar, so water, pilsner, or green tea are the best drinks that go with it.

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