Oliva Serie G cigar paired with Johnnie Walker Black Label

Have a Cigar: Oliva Serie G Churchill

Name: Oliva Serie G Churchill

Country: Nicaragua

Shape: Parejo

Size: Churchill (7 inches x 50)

Strength: Mild to Medium

I wake up tired, dreams leaking, mouth dry.
I kiss my wife, “Good morning, love.”
Then I jump out of bed like a cat out of a trash can
and go downstairs to make coffee.

Another day. More work. Isn’t that my life?
But it’s Friday, so I work half day,
and it’s a sunny day.
Can’t let this go to waste.

“Me, you, and barbecue,” I tell my wife.
“How romantic of you,” she says as she smiles.
“I’m serious,” I say.
“Let’s do it,” she says.

a bottle of premium Scotch whisky,
and a good cigar.

The sun is shining like there are no misfortunes in the world,
like work isn’t stressful and anxiety attacks are unheard of,
like death doesn’t exist,
like life is devoid of suffering,
like Lucifer is still God’s favorite angel.

The sun is shining,
and my loved one is sitting next to me.
Maybe I can call myself happy.
Right now. Happy.

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