Have a Cigar: La Aroma del Caribe Mi Amor Belicoso

Name: La Aroma del Caribe Mi Amor Belicoso

Country: Nicaragua

Shape: Parejo

Size: (5 1/2 inches x 54)

Strength: Medium to Full

There’s this restaurant called Métropole — more of a café trottoir — where they serve good steak and pain perdu. It’s located in Minet el Hosn in Beirut. I go there with my wife sometimes. And, when I do, I make sure I bring a good cigar with me.

Métropole, I’m sure many would agree, is a perfect place to light a cigar. When the weather is nice, the place becomes filled with cigar smokers, dilettantes, and aficionados. That’s why I go there, too…

La Aroma Del Caribe Mi Amor is a rich, flavorful, and well-balanced cigar. It is complex but not too complex. You don’t have to pause everything to focus on the nuances. You can smoke it leisurely, at your own pace, while you nurse a drink. It can be paired with tea, coffee, whiskey, or wine. Last time I had red Bordeaux with it, and I wasn’t disappointed.

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