Chris Khatschadourian having an El Septimo cigar on Halloween

Have a Cigar: El Septimo Gilgamesh Sable Shamash

Name: El Septimo Gilgamesh Sable Shamash

Country: Costa Rica

Shape: Parejo

Size: Toro (6 inches x 50)

Strength: Medium

It was a Happy Halloween because I had the El Septimo Gilgamesh Sable Shamash.

I don’t get to smoke a lot of El Septimo cigars because not a lot of shops sell them here. Also, they’re not cheap. This one was a gift from a friend who was invited to our Halloween house party. He came in with a few good bottles of wine. And only two cigars for just the two of us.

To be honest, the Sable Shamash wasn’t as complex as I had expected it to be, but it was a good cigar. Its smell promised a little more than what I got to experience smoking it. I paired it with many drinks — first with a gin tonic, then with a full-bodied red wine, then with a Johnnie Walker Black Label, and finally with a Midori Sour. There was a sweetness to it, but it could also have been from the drinks I was having. I got leathery and nutty notes, and, at the end, peppery hints.

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