Macanudo Inspirado Orange. Kefraya Winery, Lebanon.

Have a Cigar: Macanudo Inspirado Orange Corona

Name: Macanudo Inspirado Orange Corona

Country: Honduras

Shape: Parejo

Size: Corona

Strength: Mild to Medium

I got to pair this Macanudo Inspirado Orange with one of the best Lebanese wines out there — Comte de M 2008. It was by chance. We were at Château Kefraya Restaurant eating and drinking with friends after touring the winery. Out of the nine people sitting at our table, four were either winemakers, sommeliers, or connoisseurs. This made me experience wine on another level. It’s nice to have someone with you who can explain what your palate is experiencing.

As expected, I drank a lot.

The Comte de M 2008 was probably the tenth bottle I pour a glass from, and the Macanudo Inspirado Orange was the third cigar I smoke that day.

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