August 24, 2021: “Good Morning, Nightmare.”

Good morning, nightmare.
Work begins in 30 minutes.

I’m in my flip-flops, standing near the stove, waiting for the water to boil.
I’m holding a mug that contains grains of instant coffee and sands of time.
A spoon leans idly in the mug.
When the time comes, it will stir up things.
But not now.



Silent mode: off.
A big mistake.
I start receiving notifications.
“I am following up on…”
“I am waiting for the…”
“When will we be able to…”
“Can you please…”
“It’s urgent.”

I wish I could find a way out
of this dystopia.

Silent mode: on.
A bad idea.
But it will give me five minutes
to be myself.

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