Have a Cigar: Columbus Short Churchill

Name: Columbus Short Churchill

Country: Honduras

Shape: Parejo

Size: Short Churchill (4 7/8 inches x 52)

Strength: Medium to Full

The Columbus Short Churchill is an interesting cigar with a stimulating aroma.

It smelled a little minty when I took it out of its tube. It was a good-looking cigar. When lit, the taste came with woody notes and hints of caramel.

I had planned to light it while reading Kafka, but I ended up smoking it while gardening under a scorching sun. That wasn’t the best time to smoke a cigar. Nonetheless, I did enjoy it… somewhat.

Though I usually smoke two-thirds of the cigar or more, I merely smoked the third of this one. A dry mouth and salty sweat on my lips made it impossible for me to enjoy it further. But that was not the cigar’s fault, of course.

I’ll have to try a Columbus cigar again another time.

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