El Septimo Van Gogh diadema cigar.

Have a Cigar: El Septimo Sacred Arts Van Gogh

Name: El Septimo Sacred Arts Van Gogh

Country: Costa Rica

Shape: Diadema

Size: 9 inches x 55

Strength: Medium

A great cigar from a great cigar brand. This is a stick that will keep you company for a good two or more hours. The El Septimo Sacred Arts Van Gogh is a celebration cigar and nothing short of a masterpiece.

But like all masterpieces, it came with some imperfections.

The draw was alright. But if it were a tiny bit looser, it would have been perfect. I like to blow out thick, creamy smoke, and a firm draw doesn’t allow me to do that.

The Van Gogh burned slowly and beautifully, although sometimes unevenly. But it was nothing that a little fire couldn’t fix. I had to adjust the line only a couple of times: once before reaching the end of the first third, and a second time before the beginning of the last third.

Other than that, the overall experience was excellent.

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