La Aroma Del Caribe El Jefe Cigar at Fidel Cigar lounge in Antelias, Lebanon.

Have a Cigar: La Aroma Del Caribe Base Line El Jefe

Name: La Aroma Del Caribe Base Line El Jefe

Country: Nicaragua

Size: (7 inches x 58)

Strength: Medium to Full

A big cigar for a big night. My wife and I had friends visiting Lebanon, so we met at one of our favorite lounges. I wanted to smoke something that would last me close to a couple of hours, and that’s how I picked El Jefe.

I paired it with a glass of Havana Club Cuban Barrel Proof, and then I switched to a nice Gin and tonic.

El Jefe burned evenly and produced a lot of smoke. Strength-wise, it was somewhere between medium and full. I loved its aroma, and I could taste a harmony of notes, including medium-roast coffee, cedar, leather, earth, caramel, and walnut.

Will I ever light one of these up again? I guess I will.

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