DBL Derrrame III cigar review. Smoking a cigar at Cask and Barrel in Ashrafieh.

Have a Cigar: Dominican Big Leaguer Derrame III

Name: Dominican Big Leaguer Derrame III

Country: Dominican Republic

Shape: Box-Pressed

Size: (6 1/4 inches x 56)

Strength: Medium

I’ve been smoking more and more DBL cigars, and I’m enjoying them a lot. It’s a good brand.

This time I tried the Derrame. Like the other DBL cigars that I’ve smoked, this one was also well-constructed. It burned well, and it produced a lot of smoke.

But if I have to choose one, from the DBL cigars I tried so far, I’d go with the Extra Viejo. (The ones I tried so far are: the 35th Anniversary, the 2nd Generation, the Extra Viejo, and the Derrame III.)

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