Have a Cigar: El Septimo Sacred Arts Botticelli

Name: El Septimo Sacred Arts Botticelli

Country: Costa Rica

Size: (7 1/2 inches x 58)

Strength: Medium

The El Septimo Botticelli is a beautifully constructed medium-strength cigar that is easy to fall in love with. I paired the first half with a glass of Teeling whiskey and the second half with a cappuccino. Every draw tasted like celebration. It was nothing short of excellence.

A wonderful place.

A place where philosophy is paired
with fat cigars,
full-bodied, aromatic cigars
that produce a lot of smoke,
creamy, thick, slithering smoke.

Poetry, here, is not read;
it is drunk from tumblers and highballs.
And time is measured by drams and draws
and vitolas.

Sometimes, I come here to forget
work-related stress.
Other times, I come here for a game of chess.
But most of the times, I’m here simply
for the slow-burning cigars and fireside chats.

To sink in these leather armchairs
is to enter a world of —
How can I put it?
I’ll have to think about it.
But later.
Now, it’s time to enter the humidor
and pick a cigar that will take me there

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