Smoking La Libertad Gran Toro cigar at Le Pave in Air Aar.

Have a Cigar: La Libertad Gran Toro

Name: La Libertad Gran Toro

Country: Nicaragua

Shape: Parejo

Size: Toro (6 inches x 54)

Strength: Medium to Full

This cigar surprised me. All I wanted was a stick to burn by the pool, but I got something far better than that.

In terms of appearance, I would have to give La Libertad a high score for the way the Nicaraguan wrapper shined in the sun. And I could find no flaws in its construction.

It smelled like barnyard and tasted like chocolate-flavored leather.

The burn was consistent; I did not have any issues there except at the beginning when the cigar was newly lit.

I paired it with Turkish coffee and had a good time.

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