Caldwell Long Live The King Marquis

Have a Cigar: Caldwell Long Live The King Marquis

Name: Caldwell Long Live The King Marquis

Country: Dominican Republic

Shape: Parejo

Size: Gordo (6 inches x 60)

Strength: Full

I smoked the Caldwell Long Live the King Marquis by the grill.

It was a lovely night. The steaks hissed at the gaping moon as my friend and I enjoyed our drinks. We smoked and talked about work and politics. And we planned a camping trip.

I paired the Long Live the King with Absolut vodka first, and then switched to lager when I got to the second third.

In general, it was a good smoke. Even burn, solid ash, easy draw.

I got hints of hazelnut, maple, and cedar, and a peppery aftertaste.

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