Casa Turrent Serie 1901 Gran Toro

Have a Cigar: Casa Turrent Serie 1901 Gran Toro

Name: Casa Turrent Serie 1901 Gran Toro

Country: Mexico

Shape: Parejo

Size: Gordo (6 inches x 62)

Strength: Medium to Full

I regularly smoke the Casa Turrent Serie 1901 Robusto. It’s a more practical vitola than the Gran Toro if the plan is to smoke it on your lunch break or in the car on your way back from work after a long day…

The Casa Turrent Serie 1901 Robusto is a good stick, and it usually lasts around 45 minutes. But this makes it a small break cigar or a backup cigar. (A backup cigar is the second cigar you carry with you to the party. It remains in your pocket just in case you need to light up a second one.) The lesson to learn here is that your everyday robusto wasn’t born to be the star of the show. For that, you need a bigger cigar — examples are Toro, Gordo, Double Corona, and Churchill vitolas. As the saying goes, a bigger cigar is a better cigar, especially if time is on your side.

And time was on my side when I lit up the Serie 1901 Gran Toro, a 6-inch cigar with a ring gauge of 62. It was sweet with notes of dark roast coffee, cocoa, mud, almond, and oak.

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