Plasencia Reserva Original Cortez Cigar Review

Have a Cigar: Plasencia Reserva Original Cortez

Name: Plasencia Reserva Original Cortez

Country: Nicaragua

Size: (5 3/4 inches x 56)

Strength: Medium

The Plasencia Reserva Original is a well-constructed, medium-bodied, Nicaraguan cigar. It is not only a good smoke, but — for those who care — it’s also organic.

The first third was a little bland for me, and the first few draws were milder than expected. But the flavors came to the surface soon, and the Plasencia Reserva Original quickly turned into a medium-bodied cigar. Fruity notes were detectable, as well as hints of spice, cinnamon, and green pepper.

It burned very smoothly, and I enjoyed smoking it while sipping on green tea.

Overall, it was a good cigar.

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