FJ Cigars smoked at an Armenian bistro called Seza in Beirut, Lebanon.

Have a Cigar: FJ Tanit

Last night I smoked a pretty decent cigar. I’d say it was full-bodied with strong notes of hazelnut, leather, and cocoa. I smoked it while having dinner at an Armenian restaurant in Beirut.

All I know about the cigar is that it’s called “FJ Cigars.” I can’t find anything when I try to google the name. So, I’m assuming it’s either a very new brand (but who would launch a new cigar without at least setting up a website for it?) or it’s custom-made for someone or some shop. I’ll be going back to the same shop I got it from to find out.

I paired it with various drinks. It didn’t go so well with white wine, but it was okay when I paired it with pilsner and great when I paired it with Arabic coffee.

Edit: I went back to the shop I bought the FJ cigar from, but I couldn’t get the information I wanted from them. They only said that the one I smoked is probably called “Tanit” – accordingly, I updated the title of this blog post. But that’s all I have. Too bad.

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