May 5, 2022: Thoughts on NFT Art

I recently started creating NFTs. I do not know where the world is taking us, but it’s clear to me that NFTs can be art. And, certainly, I don’t want to miss the train. Even artists must keep up with the times.

Yesterday, when I was exploring and browsing the marketplace, I came across an NFT that I liked. I checked its price, and it was affordable. Since I never purchased an NFT before, I said, “Alright. Let this be the first NFT that I buy.” So I did. I purchased my first NFT, but I don’t really know or understand why I purchased it.

Nevertheless, even if this will take me nowhere, and even though it is still unclear where we are headed, it feels good being part of something new, really new.

I think the NFT art world still lacks theory and spirit, but I don’t think it will stay this way for long. As more and more artists join the movement, and more and more collectors purchase their work, critics, scientists, and philosophers will follow, and new theories will be born.

What makes this or that NFT a work of art? Which NFTs are art and which of them aren’t? I will have to do some research and think about this.

For now, I will keep on creating NFTs, and, very likely, I will keep on purchasing NFTs, too.

Whatever will happen will happen.

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