“Come” by Misak Metsarents

Misak Metsarents (1886-1908) was a Western Armenian neo-romantic poet. This is my translation of “Come” from Armenian to English. It is a love poem written sometime between 1901 and 1903.


Come! Make my boring life pleasurable.
Make me feel tenderness and hope.
There will come a day when your soul will mourn
the fast escape of this beautiful dream.

Come! Tomorrow, you may perish,
and I may die from a fever.
Do not extinguish the fire of my worship.

Let me imbibe the flames in your eyes.
Come close, gentle flower of my life!
Let me forget everything in a kiss.

Ah, how slow is this beautiful life!
Come! Melt the boredom of my soul.
Bury me in a beautiful dream.
Bring me your heart’s virgin caress.

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