Lighting up a Casa Turrent 1880 Oscuro cigar on a Friday night. Paired with Aerstone Sea Cask whisky.

Have a Cigar: Casa Turrent 1880 Oscuro Double Robusto

Name: Casa Turrent 1880 Oscuro Double Robusto

Country: Mexico

Shape: Parejo

Size: (6 1/2 inches x 55)

Strength: Medium to Full

To date, my favorite Casa Turrent cigar is the Serie 1901 Robusto, but a lot of other Casa Turrent cigars are great, too. The 1880 Oscuro Double Robusto is one example. It is a good-looking cigar rich with notes of dark chocolate, leather, white pepper, ginger, and roasted cashew nuts. Paired with a good drink, a great experience is guaranteed.

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