At a friend's place. Smoking an Oliva Serie O cigar while playing board games.

Have a Cigar: Oliva Serie O Double Toro

Name: Oliva Serie O Double Toro

Country: Nicaragua

Shape: Parejo

Size: Gordo (6 inches x 60)

Strength: Medium

I was at a friend’s place, and we were having a good time sharing stories, grilling, smoking, and drinking.

As the sky turned black and we sat around the table to start playing board games, I knew it was time to burn a second, bigger cigar. So, after many glasses of whisky, many more glasses of arak, and a couple of shots of Ceylon coffee, I decided to light the Oliva Serie O Double Toro I had in my backpack.

It was my first Oliva Serie O cigar, and I was hoping it would be as good as their Serie V cigars. It was very close.

Overall, it was a superb cigar. It tasted great and lasted for a long time.

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