Have a Cigar: Puro Del Oro Trianglo Extra

Name: Puro Del Oro Trianglo Extra

Country: Nicaragua

Shape: Parejo

Size: (5 1/2 inches x 62)

Strength: Full

I tried different vitolas of Puro Del Oro cigars — the Grand Churchill, the Toro, the Petit Torpedo, and now the Trianglo Extra.

It is not a very popular brand, I would say, but I see more and more people smoking it in Lebanon. The reason is clear: they’re of good quality, affordable, and taste great. I smoked many of them in 2021. I’ve read many books and wrote many poems smoking them.

The Trianglo Extra is earthy with notes of coffee and cream. It tastes best when paired with coffee drinks or whiskies. It burns evenly and gives a great deal of smoke.

I smoked a Trianglo Extra this Monday while setting up the grill. We were celebrating Independence Day in Lebanon.

Good weather, good friends, good times, and a lot of smoke.

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