Have a Cigar: Edicion Roja Gran Reserva

Name: Edicion Roja Gran Reserva

Country: Honduras

Shape: Torpedo

Size: (5 1/2 inches x 52)

Strength: Medium

Edicion Roja cigars never fail me. My first Edicion Roja cigar was the Cinco, and the one I recently lit is called Gran Reserva. It’s a torpedo that smells like a new car filled with salted caramel candy. I paired it with Glenfiddich 12 and smoked it while grilling chicken wings, shish tawook, and striploin on my terrace. My friends, who were smoking other things, complimented the Edicion Roja on its appearance and smell. “That’s a sexy one.”

The cigar burned for an hour and a half, and, when I took the last draw, I wanted more. So I went ahead and lit a second one shortly after.

The Gran Reserva, I know, is a stick I can count on. I’ll definitely try to keep a few in my humidor.

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