Smoking a Camacho Connecticut in Lebanon

Have a Cigar: Camacho Connecticut Robusto

Name: Camacho Connecticut Robusto

Country: Honduras

Shape: Parejo

Size: Robusto (5 inches x 50)

Strength: Mild

Notes: Light notes of cedar, cayenne, cinnamon, earth, chestnut

Not my favorite Camacho but definitely a good treat.

The Camacho Connecticut Robusto is a mild cigar made to be smoked casually and alone.

Drinks like strong espressos or stout beers may eclipse the light flavors of this cigar, so water or green tea are the ideal drinks that go with it. Now and then, however, I’d aslo like to pair it with an ice-cold lager.

Admiral Cigar. Beirut, Lebanon.

Have a Cigar: Admiral Robusto

Name: Admiral Robusto

Strength: Medium

When I smoke a new cigar, I like to learn more about it by conducting a little research. Like any cigar aficionado, I like to know where it was made and what type of tobacco leaves were used to make the cigar.

Reading about cigars may not give me as much joy as smoking them, but it undeniably does give me pleasure. The more I know about a cigar, the more I enjoy smoking it. And that’s why I do my research.

Usually, I get results as soon as I type in the brand name in the search engine. But sometimes I’m not that lucky. Some brands are harder to find online than others. Naturally, I have no trouble finding the bigger brands. What’s tiring is finding information about the smaller brands. A lot of times, it appears like the internet doesn’t even know these brands exist. And that’s unfortunate.

For instance, I smoked a cigar called Admiral yesterday, and I cannot find anything about it on the internet today.

What kind of a Cinderella story is this?

Smoking a Plasencia Cosecha 146 San Luis cigar at Loris Gourmet

Have a Cigar: Plasencia Cosecha 146 San Luis

Name: Plasencia Cosecha 146 San Luis

Country: Honduras

Shape: Parejo

Size: (5 3/4 inches x 54)

Strength: Medium

I used to wait for a good occasion
to light a cigar.
When I think about it now,
I shake my head and smile.

Why do I need to wait
for someone to get married
for me to light up a stick?
Why does it have to be an engagement,
or a bachelor, or a baptism,
or a birthday party
or anything?

These days, I don’t care.
I just want to feel good.
I burn six to seven a week.
I smoke everywhere,
everywhere I can.

I’d light one up at a funeral, too,
if I had the chance.
I don’t mind.
It’s not only on happy occasions that a man
needs a smoke.