Smoking a Buffalo Ten cigar in Hamra at Cafe Younes.

Have a Cigar: Buffalo Ten Natural Toro

Name: Buffalo Ten Natural Toro

Country: Dominican Republic

Shape: Box-Pressed

Size: Toro (6 inches x 50)

Strength: Medium

This isn’t the cigar you want to light on your birthday, but it’s a cigar worth smoking. Great value for its price. I’d pair with with all sorts of coffee drinks, spirits, and beer. The Buffalo Ten Natural Toro is an everyday cigar.

Branding: I like the name Buffalo Ten. It sounds like an affordable cigar one would smoke with a strong drink, and it is.

Construction: Can be better, but it’s good compared to the price you’re paying for a stick.

Pre-light: Nothing special.

Cut: Straight cut.

Burn: Even burn.

Duration: 90 minutes. I took my time with it.

Draw: Good.

Smoke: It produced a decent amount of smoke.

Ash: Okay.

Flavor: Woody, earthy, with hints of black pepper.

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