February 4, 2023: People Try to Fix You

People try to fix you
as if you’re broken
or as if you have been doing things wrong
all your life.

They tell you, “You don’t understand.
Let me show you how it’s done.”
And you let them.
You stay calm and let them
teach you whatever it is they want to teach you.

People try to fix you
and expect you to be fixed the next time they see you.
But they don’t understand that they can never change you
because they are the ones who need to change.

They try to fix you
only because they are broken,
and you don’t have the courage or the time
to tell them that they are.

September 25, 2022: The Last Quarter of 2022

For the first time this year, I feel free.

The year 2022 was full of plans (and duties). There were the bad days and the good days. The bad days may as well be forgotten, although I will not forget those who had to go to sleep forever. May they rest in peace.

As for the good days, here’s a summary: I traveled three times and attended six weddings.

The last wedding took place just two days ago, and it was my brother’s. I was the best man, of course, so I smoked my share of cigars and drank and danced like a best man should. Everything was perfect, and I was happy to see him happy.

And now comes the last quarter of 2022, and it looks like I’ll finally have time to catch up on my reading and writing. I’ll also focus on work and make sure my projects are all good and healthy. Losing some weight isn’t a bad idea either. I’ve been feasting since the beginning of the year. My stomach can also take a break… until Christmas.

September 8, 2022: Doing Well

In the back of a taxi cab. Window down. Wind in my beard. The sun shining in a turquoise sky.

Heading to the barbershop to get a haircut and trim my beard. After that, lunch with my wife. Chinese. And after that, work. Online meetings.

Actually, you know, I was just thinking, “Hard work got me somewhere, after all.” Here. It’s not the best place, and it’s not the worst. I could do better, and I’ll sure be trying that later.

But not today. Because tonight I got to pack. In the morning, I’ll be in Prague with my wife. Celebrating our one year wedding anniversary.

I can’t wait to get drunk with her, to get lost with her, and laugh, and love, and dance, and live.

I’ve done well. I’ve done very well. Can’t think of regrets.

It’s time to have some fun.