Chess Diary #0004: A Bad Start

I played 3 games in a club tournament on August 13, 2022. They were 5|3 blitz games. It’s a format I’m quite used to when playing online, but it was a completely different experience on the board. Time flew, and I found myself in time trouble, game after game.

My first game ended in a draw. I had the black pieces against a 1200-something rated player. He played the Trompowsky opening, and I had to improvise because I did not have anything prepared against it in my repertoire. The game ended after a threefold repetition occurred in the middlegame. Although I had the better position, I decided not to go all the way. It was the first blitz game I play in a tournament. The pressure was real…

My second game was a disaster. I played the King’s Gambit with the white pieces, and I sacrificed a bishop too early in the game. Black won in the endgame. I had some attacking chances, but they were more like illusions of chances.

My third game was a good game, although I lost. My opponent was rated 1556, if I remember correctly. I played the Sicilian Dragon with the black pieces, and White decided to go with the Yugoslav attack. Overall, it was a sharp game. Both sides had winning chances. It’s just too bad that I blundered in the end, when I only had seconds to make a move. I blundered, and I lost, even though I was a rook up.

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