Chess Diary #0001: King’s Gambit Accepted

I play the King’s Gambit because, tactically speaking, it’s one of the most poetic openings in chess history. And I’m a poet who likes to play chess. To have a fun game, all I have to do is sacrifice my f-pawn, put a Knight on f3, and place my white Bishop on c4, eyeing the f7 square.

Sometimes, when I’m playing bullet and feeling crazy, I play the first four “King’s Gambit Accepted” moves no matter what, even if it means I’ll blunder a piece. (But that’s not the smartest thing to do, of course.)

The moves I’m talking about are 1.e4, 2.f4, 3.Nf3, 4.Bc4

In today’s game though, I wasn’t feeling so crazy, and my opponent played d5 on move 3. And since I wasn’t planning on blundering a piece in this game, I simply didn’t put my Bishop on c4… because he’ll just capture it. I played 4.Nc3 instead, which, according to the chess engine, was a mistake. But, as you can clearly see in the GIF below, I won anyway.

March 16, 2022.

My 6th and 7th moves seem to be blunders, but maybe they weren’t “huge” blunders. Luckily, my 1388-rated opponent couldn’t see the mistakes or take advantage of them. And I guess my moves were confusing enough to create some sort of a weird tactical advantage.

Move 8 and onwards, I manage to find the best moves and win the game. Familiar patterns, I suppose. And that’s what I’m proud of.

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