February 16, 2020: When will I be done with this love story?

I’ve been working on a love story since December, and I still need at least two weeks to finish it. I hope I complete it before March. It’s a short story, and it doesn’t exceed 7,000 words, so it should be doable even though I’ve been having a hard time developing it.

I reread the latest draft today — 11 pages, so far. The structure and the plot are there, but it still needs a lot of work. The sentences don’t flow the way I want them to, there’s something off with the tempo, and I need to add some descriptions here and there.

Everything needs time, and, I must admit, some stories are harder to write than others. This one is one example. The words don’t come, and I have to force them out. Maybe because it’s a love story. I don’t know.

I wanted to write a few pages tonight, but I’m feeling kind of lazy. I don’t think I’ll work on the story.

2 thoughts on “February 16, 2020: When will I be done with this love story?

  1. Agreed. Everything is a different process. Some ideas come right away and others takes years. Writing is interesting like that. Good luck with the story.


    • Very true… I managed to finish this story a couple of weeks ago. Kind of satisfied. Now, I’m working on another one that is somewhat ‘easier.’ Though the plot is yet unclear.


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