I Will Wait for You in the Cold (A Fragment)

Seeing her was not part of the plan, but there she was.

Emerald eyes sparkling, strawberry lips smiling, she came down the stairs. She came to me like Spring, like a sunny day after months of wind and rain. I could not turn and walk away.

“Borislav, what are you doing here?” She asked before kissing me on the cheek.

She was dressed for romance; I was dressed for a funeral.

“Did you come back for me?” She added jokingly, after kissing me.

I had not come back for her or for anyone, but I said “yes.”

“You are inviting me for a cup of coffee, I suppose. I would love to catch up with you.”

“Why not,” I replied, “but I have to see Anton first.”

“So you are the one he is expecting.”

“Yes. Is he in his office?”

“Yes, he is.”

She looked into my eyes, probably wondering what I was really doing there. Then she kissed my other cheek.

“Go now,” she added, “but don’t be long. I will wait for you outside… I will wait for you in the cold.”


This piece was first published on Volkov Is Thinking, under the pseudonym “Borislav Volkov”

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